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www.yahoomail.com | Yahoo-Mail Sign up Sign in

www.yahoomail.com | Yahoo-Mail Sign up Sign in

www.yahoomail.com YahooMail Sign in -  To sign in or sign up to a Yahoo mail account, login to https://login.yahoo.com/config/login_verify2?&.src=ym&.intl=us and you will be required to enter your Yahoo! ID and password in the boxes made available then hit the “sign in” button. If you do not have your own www.yahoomail.com address, you can sign up for one. To sign up, click the “create new account” button on that same page.

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You can choose to connect your Yahoo to your Facebook or Google account. This ensures that you can login to your www.Yahoomail.com account via these channels.

There are a variety of things you can do with your YahooMail account, things like sending emails to your pals and family members, sharing photos and other file documents electronically.

www.yahoomail.com is a free email service provided by the great internet giant company Yahoo! It was founded in the year 1997. www.yahoomail.com has 2 configurations and they are – the Free and Business version.

www.yahoomail.com Free version features include ; Email storage capacity, email attachment, your account expires if there are no activities on your email account within a space of 6 months. After the account gets expired, it can get reactivated but all stored information such as emails will be lost. Your Yahoomail account is also protected from spam and virus. While using your www.yahoomail.com email account, you get to see advertising displayed on the screen. Also in the free version of your yahoomail.com account, you have access to IMAP and SMTPs.

In the Business version of Yahoo Mail, you have an unlimited mail storage access. It comes with a 25 dollars set-up payment, and subsequently you pay 10 dollars monthly for your yahoomail.com account..

Yahoo Mail plus later launched and it came with 25 more megabytes of email storage amongst other beautiful features. Yahoo Mail Plus was part of www.yahoomail.com plan to provide paid services that deliver reliably.

Recently, Yahoo Mail has undergone renovation and this has very much frustrated her users. This upgrade happened on the 8th of October. Many have complained about the latest look and features now available in the email service.

Did you ever fancy the idea of deleting or canceling your yahoo hosting account? It is imperative to know that as soon as you cancel your Yahoo Hosting account, all files and email messages within your hosting plan can no more be accessed.

Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Calendar and Windows Live Messenger have been integrated into the new Yahoo Mail. Enhanced search facilities, unlimited storage and for some countries SMS Messaging is available.

YahooMailDeleting or Terminating www.yahoomail.com Account

To delete your Yahoomail.com email account, visit https://edit.yahoo.com/config/delete_user then key in your password and hit the “terminate this account” button. After a time frame of ninety days, Yahoomail deletes all information linked to your account. It is advisable that you use a laptop or a desktop computer for this action so that all web pages will load well.

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www.yahoomail.com | Yahoo-Mail Sign up Sign in

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